A solitude of anger

It wants sustenance

fed with anger, turmoil and vengeance

a swollen belly of black rage

this hand that feeds must be removed, cut off in entirety

but such an instrument do I possess?

Leave me, demon, for darker pastures

the begger’s cries go unheard.

Strange skies

Rain lashes, its’ companion the wind whistles loudly. Their combined forces rattle the windows and make the house tremble. Outside is an angry grey sky with swirling, bloated clouds. A flash of blue lightning momentarily brightens the grey, followed immediately by a deafening boom that seemed to crack the sky above. The lightning was much too close for comfort. A blue-orange flame and the sound of firecrackers. The tree in my front yard had been struck! A branch torn off and my window peppered with split bark from where the tree had been hit by lightning. “Holy crap!” I gasped. This was shaping up to be some storm. The sky was displaying a spectacular light show. I watched in wonder as four lightning flashes converged into one and smashed into the road.There was smoke rising from that spot and as it cleared I could see a crouched figure. I moved closer to my window. Had someone been injured? The figure was rising now and when it stood fully I saw it was the shape of a man. But it wasn’t a man. Men weren’t 8ft tall with opaque, charcoal bodies. And they didn’t have electric blue dots where there eyes should be. I was calling triple 0. I didn’t care if they thought I was losing my mind. I knew this was happening. It was reality. I turned to look for my phone and as I did, my doorbell rang. “Shit,” I murmured. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something at the window. Electric blue eyes on charcoal face, devoid of a mouth or a nose, glared back at me. My doorbell started to ring again and this time it was joined with heavy pounding. Something wanted to get inside my house.

The hangman’s noose

It stares at me. The hangman’s noose, the end of it raking across the wooden, collapsible floor. I couldn’t understand how it was moving. There was no breeze gentle or otherwise. We were inside. Inside long hallways with claustrophobic padded cells, and cramped rooms with stone walls. “I’m innocent! I didn’t do it. It’s a farce I tells ya. I loved me ‘usband. Would never kill ‘im!” I spun around to look behind me and at the same time yelled: “Who said that?!” A young couple stared back at me looking confused. “Are you alright?” asked the woman. My heart thumping I replied: “Didn’t you hear that?” “Hear what?” replied the woman’s partner, eyebrow raised. “Never mind,” I murmured and turned away from them, embarrassed. “FUCK THE LOT OF YOU. YOUSE CAN ALL ROT!” Shocked, I stood there frozen. Wondering who had just yelled that. Whimpering and timid cries now filled the air instead of the crude voice. And as soon as they started, they stopped, only to be replaced by rasping noises, horrible choking sounds that got louder and louder until a male voice sighed and uttered, ‘such is life.’ I couldn’t believe what was happening. People were walking around, exploring the gaol. Some stopped to look at the noose. But none of them knew. None of them could hear, except me. The noose was talking to us.

Movie review- ‘Raw’

Controlling desire and not letting it consume you. Raw is a film that strips away the layers, and explores the root of carnal desires.

A young girl from a family of veterinarians is about to start her first week of Vet school. ‘O-week’ or ‘rush week’ gets off to a bad start, and slowly becomes worse. A series of pranks and not so harmless bullying leaves the former vegetarian with an appetite for something else.

Raw is a 2016 French-Belgian debut from director Julia Ducournau who manages to weave a coming of age story with dark comedy and wrap it in a bright, red bow, of body horror. The story is told from overachieving yet naive and timid teenager Justine. Our protagonist living away from home for the first time is navigating a world without her parents, and having first time experiences: some quintessentially college like, others not so much. For a cannibal film, the blood and gore is not as over the top as one might expect it to be. Instead key scenes are utilised, and when combined with unpleasant occurrences of human life, creates a sense of uneasieness.

Themes of belonging, identity, and repression are beautifully highlighted, to the point where you find yourself siding with characters that you wouldn’t necessarily think to sympathise with.

Acting wise, the three young leads did a tremendous job, especially Garance Marillier (Justine). Marillier captured the awkward, introverted, goody-two-shoes side of her character as well showcasing the ravenous, possessed, and passionate aspects. As the titular character she had a lot to carry on her shoulders and did so convincingly. Ella Rumpf’s character as the button pushing, elder sister Alexia with secrets of her own to hide plays up the jealous sibling rivalry effectively, as well as showing her own insecurities behind a tough persona. Some comedy relief is supplied by Justine’s roommate, Adrien played by Rabah Nait Oufella who develops a bond with her, and tries to help his friend in her crisis.

Key scenes to look out for: Fresh entree with a drink of Carrie 2.0. Finger lickin’ good chicken minus the chicken. Roadside assistance. An itchy food allergy. Getting drunk, and going for a late night feed, eating anything and everything. “I’m so hungry I could chew off an arm!” Sisters fight it out, and there’s more than just hair pulling. Massive morning after regrets.

Can you really change what you were born as? Will repression lead to repercussions? Maybe, instead of suppressing desires completely it’s better to learn how to cope with them. Check out Raw if you want your gore served with a delicious side of social commentary.

An appointment to relax

Water coursed through my hair, a pleasant warmth spreading throughout the scalp. “How’s the temperature?” asked the young woman. “Perfect,” I murmured, making myself more comfortable in the recliner. I turned my head slightly to see what the people next to me were doing as they got hair washed. Everyone was either tapping away or lazily scrolling through their phones. Sighing, I closed my eyes. People just didn’t know how to switch off and relax. Well, I was zoning out and getting my money’s worth. A lovely, floral smell permeated the air, shampoo was being massaged in, and it felt great. The woman shampooing my hair made minimal conversation enough to build rapport. This I greatly appreciated. I just wanted to de-stress, and not keep up a pretence of engaging in a conversation that I really didn’t want to. Her fingers worked all through my hair. She was kneading my head like dough, releasing all the tension. I was extremely comfortable, my entire body felt light. A tickling sensation to my ear made me feel alert. The ear felt wet too. “Lulu,” I muttered, “What are you doing girl?” “Dogs aren’t allowed in salons!” My terrier was here and I was very confused. Someone was shaking me now, and I sat up, eyes wide open. The lady stood, smiling. “Did you have a good rest?” Mortified, I stared at her, my cheeks burning. “Don’t worry,” she responded. “Plenty of people fall asleep. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. ” She dried off my hair and took me to sit down to where I was to have my hair cut. I sat in the chair, still embarrassed, facing the mirror. Even though my face was still a bit red, I looked relaxed. Hell, I felt relaxed! I let out a chuckle. The girls sure would get a good laugh about my day out.